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  • Roadblock: Disabled

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Thank you for choosing the DIQ Marketplace to post your classified listings.

Standard Listings                                                        Featured Listings
  1 Month Standard Listing    -    $115 per month           1 Month Featured Listing    -    $142 per month
  3 Month Standard Listing    -    $310 total                     3 Month Featured Listing    -    $384 total
  6 Month Standard Listing    -    $583 total                     6 Month Featured Listing    -    $730 total
12 Month Standard Listing    -    $1,104 total                12 Month Featured Listing    -    $1,297 total

* Featured Listings appear on the homepage of the DIQ Marketplace (limited to 8) and at the top of the list of the category in which it appears.

1 Month Standard / Featured Listings can be paid for and posted using the fully automated online classified system.

If you wish to run your listing for longer than 1 month or want to purchase a
Print/Online Classified Marketplace Combo Package, please contact Heather Walke to pay by phone and receive a coupon code to set up your listing through the online classified system.

To post listings, you need to Register (registration is free).

Listings can contain up to 10,000 characters, up to 10 photos, and even video! 

* Please note it can take up to one business day for listings to be approved.

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